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Orland Township Seniors Toast to 2014

As the crowd counted backwards from 10, excitement bubbled like the champagne in every person’s glass as they rose their flutes high toasting to the New Year.   Party horns sounded and top hats flew in the air as the numbers ran out and announced 2014, causing Orland Township seniors to embrace their friends and give their special someone that magical New Year’s kiss. 

Orland Township's Distribution Day Brings Smiles, Holiday Cheer

As the austere walls were slowly hidden behind Merry Christmas banners and ceiling strung ornaments, the vacancy in Orland Township’s activity center began to fill with Barbies in boxes, flame-engraved Hot Wheels and stuffed animals dressed in holiday scarves.  Even with the snow falling, donations to the Holiday 2013 Program kept coming in abundant amounts. 

Orland Township Trustees Distribute Donations in Washington

The scene was bleak; a neutral color palette with the occasional blue of a tarp suggesting the process of rebuilding.  As Orland Township trustees Antonio Rubino and Jacob Vandenberg drove through the destruction seen on the news, they realized the images don’t do Washington, Illinois justice. 

“You don’t get the big picture until you come down here,” Rubino said. 

Orland Preschoolers Donate Food- and Music!- to Holiday Program

The shelves in the Orland Township Food Pantry have been filling up quickly this holiday season thanks to generous donations from people of all ages- even preschoolers!

Orland Township Sends Big "Thank You" to Orland Junior High

Supervisor Paul O’Grady and the Board of Trustees would like to send a warm holiday “thank you” to the fantastic children, families, and teachers at Orland Junior High for their extremely large and thoughtful donation to the Orland Township Holiday 2013 Program. 

Orland Park Area Chamber of Commerce Donates to Township's Holiday Program

Supervisor Paul O’Grady and the Board of Trustees would like to send a huge “thank you” to the Orland Park Chamber of Commerce and its members for donating a large amount of food and toys, as well as a monetary donation, to the Orland Park Food Pantry.  The Chamber hosted its annual Holiday Party on Monday, Dec. 2 at Papa Joe’s Restaurant in Orland Park, where donations were collected to benefit the Township’s Holiday 2013 Program. 

Orland Township Sends a "Thank You" to Windy City Magic

Supervisor Paul O’Grady and the Board of Trustees would like to thank the boys of the Windy City Magic Basketball Team for donating what added up to nearly four shopping carts full of food to the Orland Township Food Pantry. 

Orland Township Boy Donates Toys to Tornado Drive

As residents brought in bags of toiletries, pillows, and clothes for Orland Township’s Supplies and Relief Donation Drive for the tornado victims in Washington, IL, one resident’s arms were filled with toys.

Five and a half year old Mason Thon of Orland Park stopped by Orland Township on Tuesday, Nov. 26 with a box full of new and used toys, a bag full of stuffed animals, and a container of Mega Blocks. 

“I’m going to miss my toys, but lots of kids got their toys blown away,” Mason said.  “Those kids need toys, too, so I thought they could have mine.”

Local Girl Asks for Food Pantry Donations for Birthday

Most children ask for toys or games for their birthday, but nine year old Hannah Fanning of Orland Park had just one simple request: instead of presents, she wanted food for the Orland Township Food Pantry.

Orland Township Donates to Philippine Relief Efforts

Orland Township donated walkers, wheel chairs, crutches, and shower chairs from the Nurse’s Closet to aid in the relief efforts for victims of Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines.   With a surplus of equipment in the Nurse’s Closet, Orland Township was able to contribute over 100 pieces of equipment to the cause.  Registered nurse Victoria Venuso of Ardent Home Health Care stopped by Orland Township on Thursday, Nov. 21 to pick up the donations and prepare them for shipment to the Philippines.  The equipment will be sent to various hospitals in the Philippines on or before Dec.


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